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What is a Nutrient Bank?

  • In 2005 The Commonwealth of Virginia issued The Chesapeake Bay Nutrient and Sediment Reduction Tributary Strategy to define the reductions in nutrients and sediment necessary in Virginia’s portion of the bay.
  • A nutrient bank generates credits (offsets) through an approved practice of nutrient reduction on the subject property. The credits are reviewed and approved by DEQ prior to being offered for sale.
  • Nutrient banks generate credits available for trading to VPDES and VSMP permit holders who need to comply with the 2005 Chesapeake Bay Strategy or other pollutant related TMDL.
  • To achieve the Bay Strategy goals, permit holders of point and nonpoint source pollution must reduce phosphorus and nitrogen contribution to Bay watersheds. One way to achieve this is through the purchase of nutrient credits.

Who Can Use Nutrient Offset Credits?

  • In 2011 Senate Bill 1099 was passed by the Virginia General Assembly requires localities to allow the purchase of nutrient offsets for compliance with stormwater non-point nutrient runoff water quality criteria established. This is found in Virginia Code § 10.1-603.8:1
  • Development projects with less than 5 acres of land disturbance or less than 10 pounds of post construction phosphorus control requirements are eligible to purchase credits
  • Development projects that exceed the above requirements must demonstrate on-site control of at least 75% of the required phosphorus reductions prior to eligibility to purchase credits.
  • Offsets can be purchased within the same or adjacent eight digit Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC) or within the same tributary if offsets are not available in the same or adjacent HUC.

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