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OVERLAND VA, LLC is a leading provider of non-point source Nutrient Credits in the state of Virginia. Created and owned by Real Estate Professionals, Engineers and Investors, OVERLAND understands the need for a reliable and straight forward approach for advisement and implementation of water quality compensation alternatives for private, public and government development projects. Nutrient Credits have been quantified, qualified and approved by VA Department of Environmental Quality and VA Department of Conservation and Recreation. The use of Nutrient Credits is a cost effective offset to traditional facilities for stormwater and TMDL quality requirements and can reduce costs by up to 30 to 40 percent. Employing the use of Nutrient Credits can also substantially cut the required monitoring and maintenance to onsite manufactured treatment systems.

In the ever-changing world of environmental regulation in Virginia, it is OVERLAND'S goal to help ensure our clients the most efficient and cost effective solutions in keeping in compliance with current water quality regulations. Use of Nutrient Credits makes it possible to evaluate and manage water quality requirements in a way previously unavailable in Virginia.

The end goal of OVERLAND is to help in preserving and improving the health and sustainability of the Chesapeake Bay. By its involvement in Virginia’s Nutrient Trading Program and addressing factors of stormwater runoff, nutrient loading, and erosion, OVERLAND has the ability to inform, engage, educate and enlist parties not previously familiar with the cost effective resources now available. Implementation of this program can directly benefit local tributaries, rivers and other sources flowing into the Chesapeake Bay.

OVERLAND'S ability in guiding clients through the processes is second to none and we look forward to working with you to help make your project a success.

OVERLAND currently has credits available in the following watersheds:


DEQ Nutrient Trading Manual

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